We invite beginners and experienced practitioners alike. All events are free. Unless otherwise noted, all these events are held at

Suite 331 General Washington Executive Center
217 Princess Anne St., Fredericksburg, VA

This is across the street from Carl’s Ice Cream. There is an elevator in the building. We are on the third floor.

Tuesday Weekly Practice


The core of our practice is traditional Zen meditation, which is silent and unguided. See How to Sit Zazen by the Dogen Sangha Los Angeles and also this page prepared by our sangha member, Lauren Jurgensen. We meditate for two short periods of zazen (seated meditation) and one of kinhin (walking meditation). This is followed by a short discussion where we talk about the practical aspects of meditation. Beginners are welcome and basic instruction in meditation will be given at the beginning of the session.

We have a few meditation cushions you can use as well as a few chairs. If you have your a favorite meditation cushion, chair or bench, please consider bringing it.

For current information please see our Meetup Page.

Sunday Formal Zen Service


This will be an annotated Zen Buddhist services which include chanting, meditation, and a short dharma discussion. By annotated we mean that periodically we will stop the service to explain the significance of what we are doing (meetup page). Please consider joining us!

Informal meetings

by appointment

If you would like to meet with me to discuss your practice or chat about Zen I would be happy to do so. Please contact me at ron.zacharski@gmail.com or 575.680.4041.